Friday, June 10, 2011

Lessons from a Four Year Old

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On an early vacation morning, they walked along the Florida beach. Joyful discovery, fresh eyes, and happy simplicity gave her grandpa fresh lessons.

She saw beauty in broken things.

Pieces of shells that he would not have given a second glance drew Hannah's curious eyes and little fingers to study and appreciate.

How like our heavenly Father and unlike our quest for perfection. What joy that God's transforming eyes see us-- though broken -- and He affirms our beauty.

Just because you pick it up doesn't mean you have to carry it around.

Perhaps she inspected a clump of seaweed, intrigued by it's patterns. Maybe she put in in her bucket for a while, then decided it was time to dump it back on the beach.

Wisdom knows when to divest itself of baggage that is keeping us from exciting discoveries. We can ask God to help us empty our buckets: get rid of guilt, heal memories, close doors. The Holy Spirit helps us lighten the load. Then of course we sing!

If it's worth saying, it's worth singing.

I imagine Grandpa's delight in Hannah's desire to walk with him along the beach.  I expect he thoroughly enjoyed her melodies, her little voice translating conversation into song. Large and small footprints together, water lapping at their feet, joy spilling over into song, grandfather and granddaughter building memories in God's wide open space.

When we feel safe with someone big who loves us, we're free to sing. No fear of harm or criticism, no worry of being off key. Tuned in to Father's love and handiwork brings a wide horizon, a contented heart, and songs that bring joy.

Chip's and my friend, David Schramm, shared these marvelous insights with us. I pray that we all will take time to enjoy the children in our lives who can be huge conduits of God's joy. May the Holy Spirit give us eyes to see big lessons we can learn from God's little children.

For Your Consideration

I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it. (Luke 18:17, NIV)

Meditate on this passage. Listen to what the Holy Spirit might be revealing about being child-like in following Christ.

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