Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanksgiving in Suffering

While he suffered, bed-ridden from pulmonary thrombosis, Dr Bill Bright wrote his last book, The Journey Home: Finishing with Joy.

When his doctor announced the grave diagnosis, Dr Bright said, "Thank You, Lord." Thinking that his friend was either in denial, or didn't understand the gravity of his situation, the doctor got quite perturbed with him and explained again how he would suffocate to death.

Dr Bright explained that he was quite aware of the pronouncement, but was living out God's injunction to give thanks in all situations.

I marvelled at how the Word of God, deeply embedded in his psyche and spirit through years of reading, meditation, memorization, and practice, rose up to equip him to face that horrible news.

The last public record from this outstanding man of God makes me read carefully. I am observing how the Word of God shaped everything: his family life, his ability to dare great things for the Kingdom of God, maximize his gifts, and glorify His Master and Savior -- even in suffering.


How do you treat the Word of God? What influence does it exert in times of hardship/ suffering?

What influences you most, your senses, perceptions, or what God says in His word? How might those affect each other?

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