Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Prepare for Comfort

"In the desert prepare the way for the LORD" (Isaiah 40:3, NIV)

Dry, burning feet; sun-cracked lips; hoarse whispers; weary days and frigid nights. These are companions in the desert. Sad hearts, weary hands and limp hopes: these are signs of the wilderness.

There, overcome by heat, we hear God calling. Prepare the way for Me to come. 

Though we might entertain illusions that God has forgotten about us or is no longer attentive, He speaks. God's tender voice comes through Isaiah to His people then and now. I am here to comfort you. 

When adversity thins our will to overcome, God calls forth hope. When desert sucks water out of us and dries out containers too small for God, we encounter this oasis: God cares.

God offers us comfort. Our tender shepherd promises to gently lead and protect as we trudge through barren terrain.

Might He ask, Have you forgotten my wisdom is beyond yours? I measure the seas in the cup of my hand, and weigh mountains on my scales. Don't compare me to puny idols you have made, hoping they will save.

I see you. I know what you face. I don't grow weary, and I will share my strength with you.
Hope in Me. I will renew your strength. 
Don't give up. Look to My power and ready yourself to receive. Prepare space for me. 

As you do so, I will help you, and as you work with My strength, you will see My glory.


Study Isaiah 40. Place your desert circumstance before the God of all Comfort.  Choose some of Isaiah's metaphors and rephrase them to apply to your situation.

Can you see how that exercise prepares the way for God coming to you in your wilderness?

According to this chapter, what are some ways that God comes? For example as Creator (28), Shepherd (11), and Sovereign Lord (10). Now worship The Lord as He deserves. And exhale.