Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Will Show You

“The LORD had said to Abram, ‘Leave your country … and go to the land I will show you.’” Genesis 12:1 (NIV)

My friend, Joy, called me one night. She told me a story that jolted my delusions.

I had ably convinced myself that I didn’t need to write. It was a silly fantasy after all. God knew I wasn’t a writer. I’m really much better speaking with people. Writing is for gifted introverts. Maybe writing was just a red herring to sidetrack me from developing my speaking ministry.

That’s when Joy called and shared an encouraging story a friend told in her prayer group.

Some of her missionary friends were praying, when they got the distinct impression that they were to load the car with Bibles. Then they were to take the Bibles to a place that God would show them.

It reminded me of Abraham. “Go to a place I’ll show you.”

They didn’t balk. They packed their little car and prayerfully headed off, alert for promised directions.

Proselytizing was punishable in that country. They couldn’t see the outcome, and they didn’t have the details, but they were obedient.

While driving through a village a man stepped out into the road, causing them to stop and roll down their window. Their adrenalin spiked.

“Did you bring the books?”
“What books?”
“The books we were told you were bringing!”

The man told them that several in the village had the same dream, and they were expecting these books to give them answers to the questions they were asking!

He volunteered to pay for them, but they declined. It was a gift, sent by Someone greater.

Now here were people who were willing to put their lives on the line to obey God. And here I was giving God excuses for not doing something God seemed to have directed.

If I decide to obey the little I know, God will give me the next set of directions.

I’ll look for them.

For Your Consideration:

Is God calling you to step out in faith? What do you need to obey?
What “reason” do you give for disobedience?
Will you choose to ask God’s wisdom to help you obey?
Other Scriptures: Luke 6:46, 1 Samuel 15:21-23