Monday, June 23, 2014

You Can't, but I Can.

Waves curled like angry fingers ready to grab the boat and shake the fishermen out like toys. The hull slammed the water and water pounded into their vessel. S
trong winds strained their muscles and tattered their hopes. 

Beyond each subsiding wave, a shadow appeared then disappeared. As the figure came closer, they trembled not from cold skin but quaking hearts. A ghost! Why now? Strong, burly fishermen cried out with fear. It was the last straw.

Out from the darkness, Jesus identified himself. "Take courage. It is I. Don 't be afraid" (Matthew 14:27). 

Sometimes, even as we obey Jesus' instructions, we encounter unexpected storms that buffet our boats and strain our fortitude.

At first we may not recognize Him, but Jesus comes to us, assuring us we need not fear. Water's violence is no match for Jesus' presence. The Creator who can calm a storm with a word, or who comes like a man walking on waves, puts all things under his feet. Storms, waves, hunger, fear, worry, evil. Our strained muscles regain new strength to mount waves.

As He encouraged Peter and his friends, so He encourages us. (Put your name here.) Alex, Kathy, Dan, Do not be afraid. Trust Me in this storm. It's havoc will end, but my power will prevail. 

We reach out to the sound of Hope, and take courage. The waves are no match for their Creator. What seems like the end of things, might be the doorway to walking on water.

Read Matthew 14:22-33 aware of Jesus speaking to you. What is He saying?

Are you able to see evidence of the Creator's presence in your storm? How will you respond? 

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks Paula. Just now read your blog. It was posted on my site so I hope that happens again. Thank you for this wonderful reminder. I needed that!