Friday, November 11, 2011

Remember Me

On several occasions, my Sittu (Lebanese grandmother) would say, "Remember me when I am gone."

She listened to our disappointments, gave us sound advice, and lived what she taught. She was creative, wise, and knew how to stretch food for yet another dinner guest. She had definite ideas how things were to be done, and she could measure a person's character at a glance.

Her time management taught us "Never go empty handed to the kitchen," and included planning the number of rows a day to complete so her crochet projects could be finished on time. She completed beautiful, warm blankets for her twenty grandchildren and their babies.

Generous love evoked our admiration and an unconscious desire to be like her. It was easy to remember her after she left for heaven.

Some of Jesus' last words to his disciples were "Do this in remembrance of me." The Last Supper, representing his death for us and our hope of being reunited by the resurrection, helps us remember Him.

Because of who Jesus was and what He did, we remember with deep gratitude.

Then as Jesus' generous love evokes more of our own, as He builds His character into us, we remember.

For His sake. For our sake. And also for the sake of the world He loved.

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