Thursday, December 29, 2011

Failed Resolutions

The year is turning to a new number and my new year resolutions are still avoiding paper.

I've written resolutions, thought them, planned them, and left many lying unattended. They gather dust on the desk of procrastination. Ink clearer than follow through.

Guilt snaps at my heels and I feel like I've failed. Good intentions waves as 2011 leaves.

I take myself and fumbled follow-through to my Lord. After all, He knew the outcome before I did. Knew the challenges I would face and the strength I would need. He knows the thoughts and intents of my heart and loves me as much as in 2010 or any year of perceived success.

How does my Lord see my heart? How does HE evaluate my actions?
Will I let Him instruct me from both perceived failure and success? Will I embrace Love patiently drawing me close, melting away guilt and put downs?

Dearest Lord, please help me and my friends wisely assess the year.

Help us see with Your eyes. Gain sight in Your light. Help us accept the things we cannot change, give us courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. (From Reinhold Niebuhr) We pray this in Your name, O Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Day Break Crafter said...

Think GRACE......

Paula Gast said...

Yes. So true. Thanks, Molly.