Monday, January 24, 2011

Completing His Joy

My husband loves to give.
Early in our marriage I would squirm at his gifts. My perceived resources to match his were meager. But I'd smile and enjoy his thoughtful selections. He’d save the gift for the right moment, then, smiling broadly, he’d present his package.

As he lavished grace, I had to learn the grace of receiving. Maturing in love revealed how I complete his joy when I embrace his gifts.

How like my relationship with my precious Lord.

God gives thoughtfully and lavishly. He has even given Himself – a magnificent, sobering gift. Knowing intimately what I need and desire, He always gives what is truly good.

I can’t repay such a Giver. But I want to give myself. My eyes sparkle, my appreciation delights His ears, and love infuses my heart.

That open-hearted acceptance mirrors God’s delight in giving. Seeing His beloved joyfully receiving completes our heavenly husband’s joy.

Doesn’t that make you smile?


See Romans 8:32; 1 Timothy 6:17; Luke 11:13.

How do you receive gifts?
Is there any notion that keeps you from receiving God’s good gifts?
Will you celebrate Christ's joy of giving by giving Him the joy of receiving?


Anonymous said...

Your message made me see another reason for why we do good works; giving of our self to our heavenly husband and father. We respond with our self. And yes it brought a smile and further pondering. Thank you. Holly

colter7 said...

Pray for me.

Paula said...

Holly: Don't you love it when one thought kicks off another? "Iron sharpening iron."

Colter7: I WILL pray for you. In fact, maybe some other readers will pray for you too. What a privilege, that we can pray for one another.
And we ALL need that!