Friday, February 12, 2010

Put your Foot in the Water

Last week, my devotional took me to Joshua chapters 3 and 4. My guess is that you may not read much from Joshua either, so I encourage you to read the passage for yourself.

When God instructs us to do something difficult, God will show us how to accomplish His goals. Even if it means crossing a river at flood stage.

We are like the tribes of Israel who were progressing toward their promised land. Unlike the tribes of Israel though, our enemies are often internal, like fear or procrastination. However, if we are attentive for God's voice, He will give us details for our next steps.

Crossing the river was the only way do what God instructed -- conquer the land of promise. But raging waters are no match for people, and they knew that. To take the precious ark and stand in swirling waters must have been dangerous. But God told them to do it, and they did.

God was the One with the power they needed.

The scriptures say that as soon as the priests put their feet in the water, God stopped the flood so the whole army could walk through on dry ground. Can you imagine their joy as they took stones from the river bed to build a marker for this miracle?

If God has spoken clearly, then God will take care of the consequences of our obedience. Even if it seems treacherous, God will take us across the river. After all, He has the power.

For Your Consideration

What might you be afraid of in taking the next step to following Christ?

What intervention do you need from God to obediently cross your river?

I found the picture of the Jordan River at an interesting site that develops many lessons from the account. Though I only scanned it, it looks meaty and worth a visit.

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