Friday, March 8, 2013


Every day Christ calls us to come to His table.

We no longer have to scramble for food. It has been provided. We just have to wash our hands and hearts with the power of God's Word and come to Love's lavish spread. The more we thoughtfully read, meditate, and pray the scriptures is the more our ears get tuned to the Creator's frequencies. We hear His invitation to come, sit, and eat with Him and be satisfied.

Other tables entice us. They draw eye and taste buds, but the fare makes us sluggish.  A steady diet of glazed strawberries on cheese cake (while tempting) do not deliver the nourishment we were designed to have. Also, poor eating habits--if we don't eat enough, eat healthily, or on time--can lead to sickness. A diet of sugars, refined products, and deserts drains energy and lures us away from  life giving food. When we let schedule or stress push God's nourishment aside, we chose a level of dis-ease and dis-satisfaction.

So we choose what will satisfy.

Facing Wisdom across the table, we smile and exhale the deep satisfaction God called us to experience.


Using the Lectio Divina, read Isaiah 55: 1-3 slowly and thoughtfully.
After a second reading, take time to reflect on the image or phrase the Holy Spirit gives.
On the third reading, prayerfully respond to God's nudgings.
Lastly, reread the Scripture and lean back to rest, satisfied with your Lord's nourishment.

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