Thursday, February 14, 2013

Come and Listen

It's one thing to come, another to listen.

Sometimes we dress up for God's banquet but we're distracted by demands clamoring in the background. We look and smell good, we think, but procrastination or disobedience smear our shoes and untie our laces so that the threat of tripping keeps us occupied with ourselves.

God's longing is not merely that we come to Him, but that we listen and apply His insights.

Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare (Isaiah 55:2b, NIV).

Our attention to Jesus' invitation becomes our invitation that He nourish us and fill us with joy. We put aside foods that bloat and fatten. At His table, we relish grace's provisions, no longer distracted by empty calories. We bow in holy delight, the reward of saying yes to Jesus' call to come and eat His food.

Isaiah calls these full and amazing plates of food the richest of fare. Nothing frugal about it. The King's food nourishes. It calls eyes and taste buds to enjoyment. Jesus' food and drink satisfy with goodness like nothing else can.  

What takes the lion's share of your attention?

Is God's Spirit calling you to listen to a new perspective on your activity that will help your soul delight more fully at His table?


Anonymous said...

Paula, your words are so inspiring. You have always been such a blessing and joy. God is so pleased with His daughter.

Paula Gast said...

Thank you, Jane. Whoever you are, your comment came at a time I least expected it, and it got posted to FB before I caught it. But, hopefully it will remind other "daughters" how much our Lord loves us!!