Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gentle Whisper

What would happen if the Lord were to "pass by" you?

Elijah, hunted by Jezebel, ran to the mouth of the cave and covered himself with his cloak. Moses, hiding in the desert, took off his shoes and covered his face. And you?

What do you do when you sense the Presence of the Almighty?

Are you able to be still and know the weight of His presence? Do you cover your head, your face? Do you drop to your knees or lie prostrate? Does awe snatch your breath? Does hope return when you hear the gentle whisper above your swirling circumstances?

Beyond tornado and hurricane, flood and grief, that gentle whisper speaks. Our eardrums have to tune out the noises so our heartstrings can reverberate with God's sound.

Then years beyond we discover the Lord did not merely pass by with the weight of His presence. He stayed. And taught us music only learned as we listen beyond crisis for the gentle whisper.

For Your Consideration:

Prayerfully read 1 Kings 19:11-15 and Psalm 46

What is making it hard for you to tune out the demands and listen for God's gentle whisper.

If you could do that, what might God say to you?

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