Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Believe

Easier said than done, sometimes.

It was now hopeless. Jesus, occupied with healing another, didn't rush to Jairus' daughter's bedside.

Stop bothering the teacher anymore. She's dead. But Jesus ignored them and told her father, "Don't be afraid; just believe."

Sometimes, God doesn't work the way we'd like, so we have trouble believing. At least, I do.

Walking through loud wailing to her still little body, Jesus put out those who didn't believe. He held her hand and spoke life into her.  Eyes saucered and mouths hung loose as she stood up and walked around.

Jesus didn't heal her like He healed the hemorrhaging woman. Jairus could have gotten upset -- as might I. Fear gripped him, but he stayed close to Jesus. When I stay close to the Holy Spirit, He helps me recognize God's healing presence in my dilemma.

Christ may not heal now or here, but if I believe, I will encounter the hand that lifts me up from unbelief. I will see the piercings and remember God's ways are beyond mine.


See account in Mark 5:21-42.

Have you brought Jesus your suffering?
Where do you find His presence and comfort?
What instructions might He be giving you?
How is this impacting your faith?

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