Monday, June 14, 2010

Shorn Hair and The Holy

In place of her flowing hair a feathered headband cupped her recently shaved head. She didn't look as if she was on the other side of cancer, so I wondered why this dramatic transformation.

I went to hug her and commented on the half inch growth framing her bright face. She was astonished that I didn't know that Peter had a bout with cancer, and she had shaved her head to stand with him.

The more her story unfolded, the more I was aware that the ground underneath me was burning.

"Now I know how Abraham could sacrifice his Isaac," she told me. "I got to the place where I understood anything God did was good and for Peter's best. So I'd pray that God would have his complete way in his life. If he needed to vomit, let him."

Shirley stepped a foot away and continued. "Then I'd put on my Mommy hat and ask the Lord to please have mercy on him. Please don't let him be wiped out by the vomitting."

I sensed the weight of what had happened. Not only had her hair been shorn. Her will had been. And out of releasing her hair and her son -- both familiar and beautiful -- had come a greater beauty.

Her broken heart had expanded. Her shattered dreams had kaliedoscoped. Her best desires for her son had been replaced by a Desire much greater: complex beyond comprehension, yet thoroughly good.

I thought I was going to hear about a hair cut. Instead, I stood in the presence of the Holy.

For Your Consideration

What would be a costly sacrifice for you? How do you think God might provide (or has already provided) for you to live confidently in your shorn moments?

(See Genesis 22 for Abraham and Isaac's experience with costly worship.)


pepper61 said...

That is truly amazing faith and worship. Thank you for sharing this Mother and Sons story on your Blog Paula.

That church looks familiar, it doesn't happen to be Common Ground Church in Indianapolis is it?

Julie Lentes

Paula said...

Thanks, Julie. I don't know if it is Common Ground, but it could be.
I'm glad you shared with me. This will be great to keep in touch after I move!