Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fresh Lemons Make Good Lemonade

Last night, I got on line to listen to John Barbar, a senior financial executive whose weekly podcast reaches out to motivate toward effectiveness. His podcast is chock-full of practical suggestions for positive, prinicipled networking that produces results. The presentation encouraged me to actually write down my plan to develop my network for opportunities to do more women’s retreats and inspirational speaking.

John is one casualty of the current ill health of our economy. When he got fresh lemons, he decided to make good lemonade.

Some months after his job was no longer available, he shared with me that he was praying Psalm 71:14 “But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.” I took note. There was no bitterness in his voice. No self-pity. He was thanking God and counting his blessings.

In this down time, he has persistently networked, planted good seed, helped others, and honored his Lord. In fact, through the apparent downturn, he’s now living his dream to start his own business (www.barbarfinancial.com) and encourage others in the business world and beyond. His podcasts came out of a vision to influence others to also live passionately, and being without a job afforded, even prompted, him to jump in with both feet.

I am truly delighted to watch his influence grow over the net, and to learn of opportunities that are opening for him as he walks with integrity. That integrity, he’ll be quick to say, is from his relationship to his Friend and CEO, Jesus Christ. I don’t know if he’d use those words, but I think he’d agree with the concept.

If you or a loved one is in jeopardy of a job layoff or termination because of the economy, I would urge you to go to his podcasts and take a listen. Last night’s was a great help to me. The link is http://xiosoftpresenter.com/?eventid=7687164. You can access his archives if you contact him at jgbarbar@gmail.com.

Instead of being a “casualty,” John has become a crusader of what will lift others above their current circumstances. He has developed a refreshing recipe of lemonade.

For Your Consideration

“We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 (NIV)

Can you identify some of your recent lemons? Are they rotting, or are you squeezing out the good stuff?

What are you learning from your trying time? Can you see God bringing good out of the situation?


Joyful said...

I do see God bringing good, although the journey is still hard.

Long story short, my dad has been in the hospital since March 3rd of this year. Errors made by the hospital have further complicated and detained dad's recovery. He has now been transferred to a hospital a distance away, and just the daily scheduling and driving for visitation can be weary. However, through it all the Lord has given glimpses of His glory and I am trusting Him.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am not attending She Speaks this year, but did attend in 2005 and 2008. I cannot say enough good. You will have a marvelous time and meet the Lord at every turn. Go expecting. You won't be disappointed.


Jeannie (HAPPY HEART) said...

I enjoyed meeting you at SheSpeaks. I keep trying to process all that the Lord taught me there. Your love for Christ shines through you!! I hope that our group will be able to stay in touch.

Under His Wings,

sundog said...

This hit me in a whole different area Paula. Please pray for me that I will take every thought that leans anywhere near bitterness and make it obedient to Jesus. Sometimes those thoughts are sneaky and I need the Lord to reveal any of it to me. I want to be a crusader... not a casualty. Thank you for sharing.