Sunday, April 12, 2009

Risen Indeed!

“He’s risen indeed!” we joyfully would reply to our Mother’s energetic “Christ is risen!”on Easter morning. Years later, we still use the same greeting every Easter Sunday.

A greeting like no other, it rings clear joy.

When our children were young, we arranged baskets with pastel papered chocolates, candy, and a stuffed toy for them to find when they awoke. Between the baskets we placed a standing cross made from twigs tied together. It was a keeper from a table decoration at church, and I hoped it made a visual link to the real meaning behind the gifts.

Chocolate bunnies, hidden eggs, new shoes, and special family gatherings all helped make Easter special. But the joyful reality of Christ’s resurrection in my life first came as I observed my mother live like she personally knew this risen Jesus. I watched her listen for His voice in the Bible, heard her pray, and saw how, despite being a single mom, she constantly helped others. As they say, learning to trust Jesus is often “caught not taught,” and I too learned to love my Savior and Friend.

It is not mere tradition that I celebrate. When one tough hard boiled egg wins the egg war, or children's eyes sparkle with discoveries, the joy I feel has deeper roots. When I sing triumphantly “Up from the grave He arose,” or hear a young teen’s solo about a life touched by the risen Christ, the reality of the resurrection resonates deep within. I nod gratefully. Yes. My Savior is alive. I am proof.

Our grown children called this morning. “Christ is risen!” they declared. We vigorously responded, “He is risen indeed!”

For Your Consideration

What engages your heart on Resurrection Sunday?

How does Christ make a difference in your life regardless of your circumstances?


Anonymous said...

What a joyous Easter experience! Thanks for sending me your blog. I'll try to check it out more. I still thank God for the experiences He allowed us to share together.

Linda Klinck

sundog said...

You are blessed!