Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bringing Distractions to the Light

It is luxury to be able to spend solitary time with God. My devotional times are usually rich...that is, if I am really present. If I am persistently distracted, I do well to present the distractions to the Lord for our mutual scrutiny.

I want the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart to please my heavenly Father, my Redesigner. So attending to hovering preoccupations, instead of batting them away, positions me to acknowledge lurking worries or hopeful dreams and release them to the Lord.

Since I want to please God and to live a healthy, holy life, I prepare myself for hearing God's instructions. I get quiet with the Holy Spirit, invite His discernment, and cover my mind and spirit with the armor of God. And, oh, how I need Wisdom's input. As I present myself, I repeatedly experience my Lord Jesus Christ, who is good at loving me well and gently revealing hidden things so they can be bathed with His Light and Life.

Choosing to be vulnerable with the living Christ, who understands all my struggles, opens doors to His transforming Light. Trusting God to accept and attend to these concerns is like giving the house keys to the Master Craftsman for His rennovation.

I am never disappointed in God's final work. After all, I get to trade ashes for a crown of beauty, and can anticipate discouragement will be transformed into a life of praise!

Eph 6:10-20
Ps 19:14
Isaiah 61:1-3

For Your Consideration:

Do you have any distraction or nagging thought that you need to share with Jesus?

How might working together with the living Christ for healthy change become more viable?

What transformations of grace might you celebrate?


tup said...

Paula, your writing is inspired. I know your heart; I've prayed with you! So thank you for sharing it with us. God does indeed transform us into His likeness and touch us with His presence when we seek Him. May God rain down His sweet Spirit on you and your house.

Anonymous said...

Polly. Brilliant writing! My spirit leaps at the "sound" of your voice through your words dear cousin.
I love you!
Tina Bud

sundog said...

Paula! I just found your blog and I'm reading through. I found this one especially helpful. I will remember it when distractions come intruding... and Jesus and I will deal with them together! I love it! Thank you so much.

Love, Sherri