Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Truth and Consequence

My people will be destroyed, because they have no knowledge. (Hosea 4:6, NCV)

These are not the people in my story
Before Pope Francis was selected, I watched a TV interviewer ask people on the street their opinions about the new pope.

I was amazed at the ease in which people pontificated about the yet unelected pope. When asked followup questions, they spoke into the roving mike with ease and confidence.

But they were deluded. They spoke glibly with no understanding. There was no new pope--yet.

I hate to admit ignorance. I'm sure they did too. Or perhaps, they didn't even know they were ignorant!

Whatever the cause, their actions challenged me to take another look at myself.

Is it more important to make a good impression or to speak the truth? Is it more important to take another person's opinion as valid or do the hard work of digging for the facts?


Read Habbakuk 2:6 in context.

Is there an area in your life in which you might need information? 
Would you be willing to search the scriptures while asking the Author of Truth to inform, instruct and give you wisdom?
What other other sources might you need to research?
What action will you take?

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Elizabeth Mitchell said...

Paula your questions are the end of your blogs are quite insightful and meaningful. They stir me up to think...thank you for that.