Friday, April 27, 2012

Lectio Divina

Lectio Divina (pronounced Lexio Diveena),  describes a process to read and interact with the scriptures. The latin translation is "divine or spiritual reading." This method, used often by the early church fathers and mothers, leans on the Holy Spirit to alert us to the Living Word's communication.

Books, not mere paragraphs, have been written on the Lectio, so I can only attempt to pique your interest. I pray it will energize your pursuit of God.

Before you start this process, please pray Psalm 119:18 and ask the God of Scripture to open your eyes to see wonderful things.

1. READ your selected passage of scripture as if it were your first time. Listen for the phrase that calls for your attention.

Searching with fresh eyes links you with the Holy Spirit. It is He who gives us the gift of discovery.

2. The second reading is to REFLECT or meditate, and especially on the phrase that waved flags at you. As you sit quietly, ask yourself, What does this mean for me? How might this address a situation I am in?

Again, imagine the Holy Spirit with you, steering your bike in the direction of discovery, spreading a picnic in a new place, and offering you food for nourishment.

3. Your third reading is a prayerful response. You RESPOND to God's revelations. The insights you receive become the content of your requests.

As you lift your insight to the God of all grace, you open yourself further to relationship. The rhythm of asking and receiving according to God's Word makes your confidence grow. 

4. Your fourth reading is for RESTing in God's presence. Like a baby weaned, imagine cares drained away and your self held in capable, loving arms.       

Lean into the heart of God. Know that the Holy Spirit has conveyed your request. Let the Lord's joy, peace, healing -- or whatever grace you requested -- fill you.

Then, from a freshly filled heart, thank God for lovingly meeting you at your point of need.

"I am like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child I am content"  Psalm 135:2(NIV).

If you are unfamiliar with spiritual reading, consider trying it with Psalm 135 or another passage that comes to mind. 

Reference: Exploring the Way (Companions in Christ, Upper Room.See www.companions


CeeGee said...

Hi Paula,
Very nice post! I shall try this! Hope you and Chip are doing well these days. Your friend in Christ... Connie

Paula Gast said...

Thanks, Connie! I've found this process helpful. Gets me out of "working" for results, and resting in God's grace.