Saturday, October 30, 2010

Endurance, the Challenge

What makes it hard for you to endure?

For me, it's fatigue, ignorance, or self-reliance. Sometimes in this spiritual race (Hebrews 12), I think I'm looking to Jesus, but I'm running as if I am the one who has to do it all.

Of course I get tired. Of course, I want to chuck it at times and say it's not worth the daily persistence.

I've been living with scriptures on "faith" by prayerfully researching and meditating on those scriptures, and God is teaching me more about trusting Him in hard times.

Patient endurance is not passive resignation. It is actively trusting the energy which God supplies when you are weary, bruised, or flagging in commitment. 

Since I am glaringly aware that it is beyond my natural capacity to excercise that kind of faith, I  journal, pray, and obey with the Holy Spirit's power. Not my own.

So, join me in asking these questions. How can we endure or run with patience this race set before us? How can we look to Jesus who both authors and perfects this faith He has powerfully seeded in us?

We can endure when we realize the important focus is JESUS -- not ourselves nor our issues. Even when we fail (in our eyes or others'), we have to get up, dust off our knees, and refocus and keep running.

Want to be transformed into a woman or man of character? Meet the challenge to endure by looking persistently to Jesus!

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nannykim said...

Yes, a beautiful passage of encouragement.