Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blessed, Broken, and Multiplied

If you want a fresh jolt, then a careful reading about Jesus feeding crowds of 4000 and 5000 will get you there. Since familiarity is numbing, ask for the influence of the Holy Spirit as you read.

When I recently read and imagined Mark's account (chapter 8), I tried to hear the dialogue and watch expressions on people's faces.

Did their mouths fall open when they watched a few loaves multiply to feed thousands including them? Did they listen more intently after they were satisfied? Or did they scarf up the food, oblivious that the One who quieted their growling stomachs also came to quiet their hearts?

Did Jesus' eyes sparkle as He watched His disciples execute the improbable feat of feeding so many with virtually nothing? Was He thrilled that His Father was pleased to meet the needs of people who were willing to give Him everything? As they trusted Him for the impossible, and they experienced His miraculous intervention, did He applaud the Father with unmasked joy?

When I prayed using the components of the scripture as best I could, God not only fed but nourished me.

Maybe you could try praying that scripture. I suspect the Spirit of God, who can transform your limitations, will bless, break, and multiply what you bring Him.

I pray so.


Thank you, Lord Jesus, for what You have given me. I give................ back for Your blessing, breaking and multiplication.

Like your disciples, I don't understand it all, but please don't give up on me. I want to keep following You carefully and learn all I can from You. Help me obey what you reveal, trusting that You know more than I.

You are kind, strategic, and powerful. Getting to know You fills me with joy, and I worship You!


nannykim said...

It is so easy to read a passage and not really realize all that is happening or to just take it and treat it like an old story. It is good to meditate on a passage and let the words, relationships, meaning of it all touch and transform our thinking and hearts. I need to live out more of my faith and thanks for challenging us to do so.

Paula said...

Thanks, NannyKim! Did you see that I put your worship song link on my FB? Your blog, your frankness, and your obvious love of our Lord all have blessed me. Bless you!